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Cockroaches are very tough insects and have the ability to breed rapidly.

German Cockroach

Oriental Cockroach

Case Eggs Nymphs


There are two main species of Cockroach that affect premises in the UK although there are many variants and several of these occasional appear as pests.

The German Cockroach lives in the warm areas of the kitchen often known as the steam fly they love the heat.

The Oriental Cockroach prefers the cooler parts of the building such as the cellar or drains where they can thrive.

The GERMAN Cockroach

The insect prefers a warm moist environment, inside tray wash plant, inside switch boxes, motor housings, panels inside machines, fridge motors, conduits etc. The insect is often found in steamers and around the linings of provers, it can also exploit small gaps squeezing into joints. It will take up residence inside drink dispensing machines, optics, beer and drink coolers, hollow legs of tables and equipment. It can sometimes be found behind door seals and in voids. It can swim and will climb smooth surfaces easily.

Once established in food catering or manufacturing premises this insect is often difficult to eradicate, this is due to it hiding in inaccessible places. Sometimes when found inside plant and machinery it is not brought under control until the equipment is totally dismantled and cleaned.

Oriental Cockroach

Mainly in buildings, dustbin areas, waste / compactor areas, cellars, boiler houses, ductings, lift shafts. Colonies are often established in drains and cool areas or services but sometimes in cladding and dead spaces inside processing equipment. They can squeeze into very small cracks and will exploit bad fitting coving and door jams etc.

This insect deposits it egg case (Ootheca) with up to 18 nymph (young) in dormant locations which can lay dormant for months if conditions are not favourable.

Both pests will need an eradication program with several visits and planned inspections to ensure that they do not return.

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