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Indian Meal moth
A serious pest of the food industry
Indian Meal Moth
Plodia interpunctella

This moth is probably one of the most serious pest species found in the UK food processing industry.

Found in Warehouses and in raw materials from overseas, the principal pest in the dried fruit and nut
processing industry. Commonly found in health food establishments. The presence of this species is
often an indicator of badly rotated stock or old stock brought into premises.

The Adults often take to the wing, larva sometimes are found crawling around on the surface of stock and
on shelving. The larvae spin silk webbing amongst the foodstuffs.

Favourite foods are dried vegetables, herbs, dried fruit especially apricots, nuts especially almonds and walnuts, cocoa
beans, confectionery, chocolate, grain and grain products where only the germ is eaten. The larvae
will eat through paper, cardboard, foils and most packaging materials.

Control involves checking stock rotation in an infested warehouse and the commodities listed above. Badly infested stock should be removed for destruction unless it can be fumigated, but stock found infested must be isolated Walls/floors and all wall/floor angles can be treated with a residual insecticide in an infested area.

Fogging and misting will act as a good knockdown when moths are on the wing. Any process plant becoming infested should be thoroughly cleaned prior to treatment with residual preparation. Where migrating larvae are found treat the walls and immediate area and inspect plant or commodities to locate source.

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