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Fruit & Vinegar Flies
Rotting fruit or sweet spillages - A feast for these insects
fruit & vinegar flies
drosophila spp

These flies are attracted to fresh fruit or vegetables and those fermenting because of yeast. Found in bars around optics and where beer or soft drinks have been spilt or empty bottles stored in bins etc. Vinegar factories, breweries, wine producers, dried fruit washing plants, tomato processors, fruit- drink producers and warehouses where spillage has occurred or when stock has become damaged on pallets. Returned stock sometimes supports infestations. Dishwater or mop water full of food particles can accumulate on surfaces in cracks or crevices and ferment, providing ideal fruit fly breeding conditions.

Female fruit flies lay an average of 500 eggs at 20 to 25 per day near the surface of fermenting materials for the hatching larvae.

Due to the short breeding cycle the only total solution is to remove the breeding ground or origin of the infestation, ultimately improving the hygiene and sanitation. Drains and gullies need to be kept clean of trapped material and dead spaces under mixers and provers in bakeries also need regular attention. Where found in fruit wash plants removal of trapped fermenting material will help in their control.

In bars and kitchen areas, remove or cap all fruit juice bottles and similar attractive receptacles. ULV fogging treatments will eradicate the adult population, until the next generation arrives.


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