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BBD 100



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When Bed Bugs hide it is usually in confined spaces. After a few hours in these spaces the CO2 they produce builds up enough for it to register and our Bed Bug detector will indicate their presence by activating a series of alarm beeps. How many alarm beeps depends on how many bed bugs are in this confined hiding space and for how long they have been there.

When checking for Bed Bugs in drawers, wall cracks, floor cracks and gaps, electrical outlets or in cabinets you will find that the alarm will sound since the CO2 is allowed to build up in these confined spaces over a period of time.

The BBD 100 can help you determine if a treatment is necessary, where to target the treatment and also help determine if your treatment is successful.

In the high sensitivity mode the unit will react to a pocket of hidden Bed Bugs with a double or triple beep sound when the probe gets close to their hiding space. If there are a large amount of Bed Bugs in the same space then the alarm will sound with multiple beeps.

Happy hunting.